Complex abdominal wall hernias are a special class of hernia that are associated with higher complication and recurrence rates, and are thus more difficult to manage. These hernias typically: 

  • Involve a compromised surgical field in which gastrointestitinal, biliary or genitourinary procedures are performed or when frank infection is present, or
  • Include enterocutaneous fistulas or enteroatmospheric fistulas, which are connections between the bowel and skin or bowel and wound, or
  • Include an infected prosthetic mesh, or
  • Are large (greater than 10 cm in any dimension) with or without loss of domain, or
  • Have recurred

Unique Expertise

At UCSF, we have unique expertise in managing and repairing complex abdominal wall hernias. Patients with this problem benefit greatly from our multidisciplinary approach involving a team of nutritionists, physical therapists, anesthesiologists and pain specialists, and adept social work services to facilitate complex home care when necesssary.